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Lauren Torres

I developed a love for makeup at a very early age. Growing up in a household of cosmetologists, I learned from a very young age, what looks good on certain people. My love for hair and makeup only grew larger over the years. While working at ULTA Beauty, I was introduced to all of the pros in the field who taught me the in's and out's of the makeup industry. I then knew that this was my calling. I signed up for cosmetology school and came out on top of my class. 

In addition to being a cosmetologist, I am a mother of two beautiful children. My oldest child is Autistic and his struggles make me work 1000x harder. I am here to show my children that you can accomplish whatever you want in life no matter what difficulties are in your way. Hard work and perseverance not only allowed me to work a job that I love but is showing my children that no matter what, if they put their mind and soul into something, they can achieve it. 

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