How to: Color Correct!

Hey guys! I have found that over 90% of the clients I work on ask 'How do I cover my under eye circles?' or 'How do I take away my redness?' What a lot of people forget is that your skin does not have just one tone to it. Your skin has many different undertones, for example your dark circles can have blue/purple tones, redness on your cheeks etc. It is very, VERY important to color correct! Color correction in my opinion, is the most important part of the entire makeup process. If you do not correct the tones in your skin sometimes they can be seen through your foundation and concealer, your under eyes can look ashy, your redness can peep through etc.

As an artist, its very important to know your color wheel. I have always loved colors! Remember in elementary school when we learned the color wheel? We learned that mixing 2 colors makes a new color (red+yellow=orange). Color wheels do more than just help you understand what colors look good with what, they can help you understand how to emphasize certain colors, or flat out cancel an unwanted color all together.


I could talk color theory all day but today I am going to keep things simple and that is to explain which colors will take away what. The colors directly opposite of each other will cancel each other out.  First off lets start by analyzing our skin. I am the queen of under eye circles. I can sleep for 3 days straight and still wake up all purple and ghoulish. Here are the top 3 color correct formulas for you guys!

  1. Let's rid those horrendous under eye circles! - Looking at the color wheel and understanding that the color directly opposite of the color we want to fix will neutralize our color we know that we need to use something with an Orange/Yellow base. 
  2. Redness (pimples, rosacea, etc) - We need green! I know it's scary but there is a reason Maybelline sales that weird tube of green lipstick. (it is actually concealer)
  3. Bruising - When bruises start to fade they become this weird yellow/green tone. That is where the purple concealer comes in handy. 

For beginners, color correction may seem extremely difficult. You are probably thinking, 'Where do I even buy this nonsense?' NYX cosmetics sales a corrective concealer palette that I highly recommend playing with.

 NYX Cosmetics - $12

NYX Cosmetics - $12

Until next time

Be real, be you, stay beautiful!