Why are Makeup Artist's a Necessity for Headshots?

Headshots, the most important advertising piece a person in our industry can obtain. A headshot needs to accentuate your natural beauty and nothing else. Why? For actors and models, the photo needs to show the person/company viewing it the different possibilities of makeup and techniques that would work with their project. But why are makeup artists a necessity if they are just doing simple makeup and hair? I will tell you why.

As a makeup artist who actually enjoys working on headshot clients, I know that you are going to be in front of a camera that has the ability to zoom in to see every pore on your face. My job is to fix every imperfection and enhance your natural beauty without the camera detecting any makeup. Us artists consider this look a "no makeup look". It is the hardest to do in our line of work. To familiarize you with what I am saying, I'll elaborate.

 Photocredit: Go West Photography  Actor: Sky Van Vliet

Photocredit: Go West Photography  Actor: Sky Van Vliet

Makeup for photoshoots are 10x different than makeup you would wear everyday. The flash of the camera and lights of the studio will wash you out. Have you ever been to a musical or a play and see the actors off stage but in dress? Their makeup off stage looks horrendous and WAY too dark but when they are on stage in the same set up they are absolutely stunning. Without makeup, they would look like no faced mannequins dancing around the stage. It is the same when it comes to pictures. Also take in to account that make-up for natural light and for studio headshots are two separate things. When looking for a makeup artist, it's a good idea to hire an artist who will be on set to make the necessary changes throughout your set if you go from studio to outside.

Why do I love going in to do a headshot session? I have to put enough makeup on a client to accentuate their features but not too much because the camera will pick that up too. It takes a load of skill and technique to know what the perfect amount is and to master the technique is something I pride myself in.

" A great make-up artist will bring immense value to your headshot session by making you look like the best version of you; the you that will walk through the door at the audition." - Micael Marie Monroe

Be real, be you, stay beautiful!