Why Didn't I Know This Tip Sooner?!

Who knew hair tattoo's could be fancy AF?!

Hair tattoos.. *sigh* I have always wanted one! Man, how great would that be to rock a big ass tattoo on the side of my already shaved head?! It would make my mohawk EXTRA fancy. crolling through my Facebook newsfeed today, I came across the most awesome article I have seen in a hot minute… Ready for it? You can use Scünci temporary tattoo’s in your hair!

 Photocredit: Michael Simon

Photocredit: Michael Simon

Oh stylish one, tell me of your secrets!

Thanks to Kylie Jenner, these once “not so cool” tattoos are now flying off the shelf!

A few years ago we sold these babies at ULTA. We were charging $9.99 for a sheet of these metallic tattoos. Since model’s rocked them on Instagram, perfectly placed on their body, we thought they would be a top seller! Boy was I wrong. I guess it took a year of waiting and Kylie Jenner’s creative mind to make them popular.


Aren’t these things cute?! Guess what? They are easy to put on too! You do it the same way you would if you were putting them on your body. The only con is how do you get them out? Eff it! I’m getting them. And if I were you? I would snatch some up before you can’t find them anywhere like what happened with MAC Cosmetics lipliners and lipsticks.

Well now that you know this awesome beauty tip, I want to know… Have you tried this? If not, would you try this? As always…